Important ParcelFact & NeighborScoop Update

We’re rolling into one product as on Monday, August 15, 2022.

Most of you are already using & enjoying the benefits of our latest and greatest “Instant Map & Property/Ownership Data on 149+ Million Properties“.

For the last few of you that have not yet migrated over, we have you covered.

On August 15, Monday, we will be officially combining the two sites into one as

What does this mean for you?

Current customers will see very little change other than the new name & logo when logging in. There will be no change in cost or billing and your payments will continue to process as they always have.

Current customers will be automatically migrated to the new site & gain access to the benefits of our newest tool. The website may look a little different to you when you log in, but you’ll find it is much more user-friendly with a few more features. Your monthly billing date will remain the same, but the monthly cost will increase in October with your normal billing cycle. (Land/House Academy Member increase $40/mo., Non-member increase $65/mo.)

When will you see the changes?

Our team will work overnight to merge the two sites beginning August 15th and when you log in to your account on the 16th, you’ll automatically be directed to the new site.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions and always appreciate your feedback!

You can reach us at


Team Land Academy